The use of email marketing

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Cost effective

Although email is an ‘old-fashioned’ marketing tool, it is still one of the most cost-effective marketing tools a company can use. Today, however, people receive an abundance of email and it has become more difficult to reach people with email. That is why it is important that email marketing is a well thought-out strategy if it is to deliver a return on investment.

Effective email marketing strategy

To implement an effective email marketing strategy, first identify the target audience you want to reach. Collect emails from this target group and think about the purpose of the emails you send to your target group. The design of the emails must be conversion oriented. Measure the effectiveness of email campaigns through analysis.

Who is your target audience?

Who do you want to reach with your email marketing? Make sure email campaigns are tailored to a specific target group. Emails for new customers differ from emails from existing customers, for example. Where the emphasis in the first group is on introducing your product, the emphasis in the second group is on recommending products based on previous purchases.

Collect email addresses

Email addresses can be collected by, for example, placing a ‘subscribe’ button on your website. Or an option to register for certain emails on a personal page of existing customers.

Determine the goal of your email campaign

Is the goal of your email campaign to gain new customers, retarget existing customers for selling products? Or is the aim more to raise awareness of a social topic or simply generate traffic for a blog, for example? Tailor the design of emails to the goal you want to achieve with your email campaigns.

Have a conversion-oriented design

Design an email in a way that puts the goal first. Conversion-oriented design is important for every email marketing. Think of the use of images, use of color, etc. Read more about this.

Measure and analyze

Use a tool to measure the effectiveness and response of emails. Measuring is knowing! Which emails are opened at all, which email design provides the most traffic to your website?


Email marketing is still effective as a marketing tool. A condition is that an email marketing strategy must be followed. Companies must clearly identify who their target audience is, how they collect email addresses and what the specific purpose of their email marketing is. The enamel design must match this. Finally, it is important to evaluate and measure the results of email campaigns.

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