The ultimate checkout proces

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Everything stands or falls at checkout

The time of checkout. After promotion and recommending your product, it is finally time for the customer to purchase. The phase in which the time you have invested in your company is paid out. All the more important that the checkout is in order.

The perfect checkout

What is important in the checkout process? What should you do and what not to do and what should you pay extra attention to? It’s all about simplicity, clarity, reliability and security.

As simple as possible

Make the checkout process as simple as possible. No unnecessary steps and options. As few fields as possible to fill in and as little information or links as possible that draw attention away from the checkout process. For example, omit the menu bar from the checkout page (s).

Easy to log in or not to log in

One of the most tiring parts of the checkout process is entering data. This section can be made easier by giving customers the option to log in with one of their social media profiles. Also always offers the option to let customers pay without having to create a profile. This in turn makes a difference in filling in extra information for creating a profile. Such as a username and password.

Overview of the checkout process

“How long will it be?”. A question that people often ask themselves in any situation. People want to know where they stand and how much time they still have to spend on an activity that is less fun and requires concentration. This is no different in the checkout process. Try to clearly indicate where customers are in the checkout process and how many steps they still need to take to buy their product.

Think mobile

The importance of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly important. The majority of online purchases are already made through mobile devices. Since the screen of these devices is generally smaller than that of a desktop or laptop, it is smaller. That is why it is important to coordinate the checkout process accordingly.

Secure payment

One of the concerns experienced in the checkout process is whether payment is made in a secure manner. Little is more painful than being robbed of your hard-earned cash, so people are naturally wary of any scams or fraud. That is why it is important to gain the trust of the customer by offering well-known and trusted payment options and by prominently displaying the symbols of these.


At ecommerce everything is aimed at selling the customer a product online. The checkout process is the “supreme moment”, where the online marketing funnel ends and where all online marketing efforts should pay off. The design of the checkout process is therefore extra important and must be as simple as possible, with accessibility, overview, media alignment and security and trust as the spearheads.

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