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To better serve you, we offer three distinct products: Custom-made Website, Custom-made Website Plus, and Maintenance products.

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Custom-made Website

When creating a professional website, consider the following key components:


Kickstart the website development process by designing its layout, selecting colors, photos, and shapes. Designing a few essential pages is sufficient to preview the overall design. This typically takes one to two days.


Once the design is finalized, your website will be built accordingly. The development phase is usually the most time-consuming aspect and the cost may vary based on the number of pages and content involved.


To make your website live, you need to rent server space from a hosting provider. There are different hosting companies available, and setting up hosting properly is crucial for a well-functioning website.

Hosting companies often offer different packages. The speed of your website, and the number of visitors it can handle are strongly influenced by the type of hosting.

CMS (Content Management System)

It is recommended to use a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to easily edit your website’s content. WordPress, being open-source and user-friendly, is a popular choice. Opting for a WordPress CMS significantly reduces the setup costs compared to other CMS options.

Of course, this option is open if you prefer another CMS.

Custom Made Website Plus

For more complex websites, there may be additional components to consider:

Extra Functionalities

If you require functionalities beyond a standard website, such as a webshop, user login capabilities, or bilingual support, implementing these features will require additional time and resources.


Compelling and well-crafted texts are essential for effective search engine optimization and visitor engagement. Creating high-quality content is a time-intensive process that demands careful attention.


Images play a crucial role in enhancing your website’s visual appeal. You can choose from stock photos or opt for custom-made visuals tailored to your brand.


To ensure your website remains in optimal condition, regular maintenance is necessary.


Over time, websites require updates or replacements to adapt to new technologies or address outdated functionalities and designs.


If you wish to make changes or additions to your existing website, such as introducing new functionalities, refining the design, or updating content, additional components will be involved.


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