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It can be helpful to distinguish between three different products. Custom-made website, Custom-made Website Plus, and Maintenance products.

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Custom-made Website

In general, you can consider the following standard components when you want to realize a proper website.



Developing a website starts with creating a design. What will the website layout be, which colors, photos and shapes will be used? Not áll pages of the website need to be designed for this. One or a few essential pages are enough to give an impression of the website’s design. This is a one or two-day process.



Actually building the website. When there is a good design, the website will be built. This is usually the most time-consuming part of building a website. The costs of this also vary widely. Depending on the number of pages and the amount of content on the pages.


Rent a Server

In order for your website to be live, you need a host who rents you space on a server. There are many different hosting providers. Properly setting up and setting up hosting for a website is an important part of the process of achieving a good website.

Hosting Plans

Hosting companies often offer different packages. The speed of your website, and the number of visitors it can handle are strongly influenced by the type of hosting.

CMS (Content Management System)

Edit With WordPress

Most people like to be able to edit the content on their websites themselves. Then the use of a CMS is recommended. WordPress is open-source (free) and it is easy to use, which is why the set-up costs of a website with a WordPress CMS are always considerably lower than if you opt for another CMS.

Other CMS Than WordPress

Of course, this option is open if you prefer another CMS.

Price Indication Custom Made Website

When you consider the costs of designing, building, and deploying online (hosting), you are looking at a starting price of € 2.500 (ex VAT). Note that you pay your hosting company a monthly fee for server space when your product is finished.

This applies to a custom-made website with about 5-10 pages. Pages such as a main page (homepage), an about us page, a services page, and a contact page.

Custom Made Website Plus

If you want a more complex website, you can expect the following additional costs.

Costs Extra Functionalities

Added Functions

Do you want more than a ‘standard website’? For example, a webshop or a website where users have the option to log in or a website that is bilingual. Then the time needed to realize this becomes considerably more.

Costs Copywriting


Your website can hardly do without text. Good texts are important for both the findability of a website (search engine optimization) and for encouraging your visitors to take action. Writing good texts is time consuming and requires a lot of attention.

Costs Photography


Just like text, photos are an important part of a website. Photos can be supplied through ‘stock sites’, where you can choose photos. You can also have photos made for you.

Price Indication Standard Costs + Additional Costs

Additional functionalities, text and photos are the main additional costs. Where ‘additional functionalities’ mainly refers to technical applications that you see for example in a web shop (search engine, shopping basket, payment options, multilingual). These are aspects of a website that you probably can’t easily do yourself (after all, that’s why you’re looking for a website builder). If, for example, you want to supply text and photos yourself, you will save on the price.

For example, if you want a webshop (standard custom website plus webshop functionalities) then the starting price will be € 4.000 (ex VAT). Where you will provide text and photos.


At one point or another, if you want to maintain a proper website, you will have costs.



However you twist or turn, you can’t escape it. Like anything, at some point in time, a website needs to be replaced or updated. Sometimes you are forced to update to new technology because otherwise your website simply won’t work anymore. Or a website is outdated in both functionality and design and needs a makeover.

Change Existing

Change or Complement

Your website works well and you like it, but you would still want to change or add something. For example, extra functionalities, adjustments to design, new photos, or new texts.

Price Maintenance

Variable costs are called ‘variable’ for a reason, it depends on what exactly needs to be done. Expect that most variable costs as described above will have a starting price of 550 (ex VAT), which corresponds to the time of a day’s work.


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