Improve your Webshop and Increase Revenue

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E-commerce has become an indispensable part of the business. Nowadays a commercial strategy is no longer complete without an opportunity to sell products online. The number of webshops has exploded in recent years and consumers have a choice. That is why it is important that a webshop meets certain points in order to achieve maximum returns.

Points that a webshop must meet

There are several aspects that influence the realization of an effective webshop design. A distinction can be made between the design, the products, the company and marketing.

Effective web design

Effective web design is very important for both web shops and all other types of websites. Various aspects are important here. Prevent too much information on a website and make it easy for the user to navigate on the website and achieve the purpose of the website. Read more about this in this article.

Optimize for mobile

In particular, the checkout and navigation of an effective webshop on mobile can differ greatly from a desktop version. Since at least the same and probably more purchases are made on a mobile screen, it is important to take into account.


Maak het checkoutproces zo eenvoudig en overzichtelijk mogelijk. Onderzoek heeft uitgewezen dat het merendeel van de mensen die een aankoopproces niet hebben afgemaakt (maar wel gestart zijn), zijn afgehaakt omdat het checkoutproces te lang duurde of te onduidelijk was.


A webshop is not a webshop without products. Use the following guidelines for the correct positioning of products.

Highlighting products

Limit the number of products that can be seen on a page. Do not overwhelm the visitor with too many products and keep it organized. Try to highlight the products that you think are most wanted and which you would most like to sell.

Beautiful product photos

Beautiful photos are important because photos appeal to the imagination much more than text. In the case of a webshop, photos and especially product photos are even more important. Photos from different angles and photos of details are highly appreciated by webshop visitors.

Emphasize the benefits of your product

Why would customers buy a product from you? Make it clear what the benefits of the product are. What can the product be used for so well, why is the product better than the product of others? Make sure this is clearly stated on your webshop.

Product reviews

In the context of social proof, it is smart to post product reviews for products. Obviously positive reviews, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect of what you would like. Namely that customers buy your product!

The costumer is king

Following on from highlighting certain products, it is useful to know the wishes of your customer. This way, one customer can see products that the other customer does not see and vice versa. This is achieved by, for example, creating an account to which one must log in or by means of cookies with which certain data of the customer can be stored. This makes it easier to show customers products that they are likely to be most interested in.


People like free. Or at least a discount! Try to give something away or offer a discount (E-book, 10% discount). As a result, the perception of visitors of your product or company changes in a positive sense. In the end, free always yields profit.


Geef duidelijk aan dat wanneer klanten niet tevreden zijn met jouw product, om welke reden dan ook, ze het kosteloos kunnen terugsturen binnen een bepaalde termijn. Hierdoor zal men sneller tot een aankoop over gaan.

Payment options

Offer a large number of payment options. This exudes professionalism and ensures that as many people as possible can buy a product from your webshop.

Brand experience

In addition to the fact that a company offers good products, the image plays a role that is at least as important or perhaps more important than the actual product.

A nice company page

It is always a bonus when customers are impressed by what your company stands for. That can make a difference with other companies that sell similar products. Therefore, make sure that your webshop has an inspiring company page.


Nothing is more annoying than when you have questions or experience difficulties with a product, that there is no way to easily contact the company where the product was purchased. Mention several options for contact on your webshop and put them easily found in the web design.


Besides the fact that it is nice for customers to see what your company is doing and to draw their attention to new products, a blog is also an excellent way to make your website easier to find for search engines. Since the search engine algorithm values ​​sites where new and interesting content is regularly posted. Read more about that here.


Do not forget to bind visitors to your webshop. Loyal and returning customers are the most valuable customers!

Ask for a registration for the newsletter

Try to identify customers, for example by asking for an email address. This can be in the form of a possibility to sign up for a newsletter or a registration in exchange for a discount or free shipping. Do this subtly. Pop-ups that fill the entire screen are less appreciated and can cause visitors to leave.

Remarketing with email

After a customer has placed an order with your webshop, it does not hurt to use remarketing to alert the customer to new similar products or any deals that may be of interest to them. This by means of email.

Analytics for analyzing website behavior

It certainly pays to have an idea of ​​how visitors behave in your webshop. Which products get the most clicks, which pages are frequently visited, how many people drop out from the checkout process? These are all questions that can be answered by using a website analysis tool. Such as Google Analytics.


Nowadays every self-respecting company should have a webshop. Since many companies are aware of this and already have a webshop, it is all the more important that your webshop distinguishes itself from that of the competition. The opportunities mainly lie in optimizing the four most important pillars of a solid webshop, namely: good web design, putting the customer first, promoting the brand and utilizing marketing opportunities.

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