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No Nonsense Approach

We believe in a no-nonsense approach. Your online website should be about the message and engaging the user in what you want the user to do. A no-nonsense approach, yet subtle and appealing.

Our Story



FlowCrafts was founded in 2014. With a wealth of experience in online communication and design, FlowCrafts is an expert in Digital Design.



Our mission is to contribute to a user centered designed digital landscape. Accessibility and ease of use of digital applications should be the standard in the digital world. So anyone can enjoy its benefits and possibilities to the fullest extent.



In our approach in designing and delivering our projects, we hold several key values at heart. Clarity, non complexity and inspiration.

Thomas van Katwijk
Thomas graduated with a master's degree in communication science from the University of Amsterdam. His thesis was about the user-friendliness of websites. From here he became more interested in the how and what of the website world. He is skilled in both web development and web design. He is also skilled in copywriting and photography.